PETER J. RINDLISBACHER was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1956. Son of a boat builder and a commercial artist, he developed an early passion for everything nautical, becoming a racing sailor, club instructor, ship model builder and historical naval re-enactor. In the midst of obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology in the 1980ís, his marine art career developed into its present full time status.

His paintings are mainly in oils and have generally featured the Age of Fighting Sail and War of 1812 subjects. Museums and historic sites in the U.S. and Canada have purchased many of his paintings, while print editions of his work have been sold as fundraisers for historic groups. Peter enjoys research and working closely with historians in order to create his detailed paintings, using maps, models and primary source documents as much as possible. His images have appeared on book and magazine covers, and in video and Public Television productions such as The History Channel and National Geographic. A member of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists and American Society of Marine Artists, Rindlisbacher currently lives in Katy, Texas with his wife and one of his two children.

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